Yoga Classes in Doncaster


I have been to Alicia’s yoga class now for about 18 months.
I find the class very enjoyable. Alicia occasionally uses equipment (blocks, steps, etc). She also brought in some crystals for us to use at the end of the class during relaxation which I found extremely good.
I always leave the class feeling much more supple and relaxed and always enjoy a good night’s sleep after I have been to the class.

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I offer yoga which involves breathwork, postures and relaxation/meditation.

Drawing on the Iyengar method, classes are small and lots of attention is given to alignment, safety and precision.

Postures are normally held for a certain number of breaths and you are taught how a yoga sequence of postures works.

I also try to draw on other Yoga schools, Pilates, Tai Chi and Body Balance to enhance my classes.

Cost from £20 per hour (bulk discount only) group or one to one.


Yoga Classes in Doncaster

Wednesdays 10-11am at Quaker House.

Quaker House, Oxford Place, off St. James Street, Doncaster DN1 3SL.

£6.50 per drop-in session.
All welcome. 

Group or one to one tuition from £20 (bulk discount only). Please call for details.


I am very pleased to say I am working in conjunction with AnjiRox to deliver some cover work in the Intake area Wednesday evenings 7-8pm and sharing a course of yoga at Parklands Social Club, Wheatley, Doncaster, DN2 4LT, Thursday evenings 7-8pm. Please feel free to contact me for further details and dates.