Psychic Services

Tarot practitioner in Doncaster


Cost: £30

Trained with the London Tarot Training School in 1992 I have many years of experience with accurately reading for people.

Tarot is an ancient art which can help us greatly as a tool to give solutions to present day problems.

The tarot can be used to look at many aspects of our lives and those around us.

A deck of 78 cards is used with 4 suits and minor and major cards.

The cards are shuffled and the subconscious thoughts emit into the cards.

A Celtic Cross spread of 10 cards or a spread you are drawn to is then used and expanded upon to give a reading.

Areas of development and conflict are looked at and probable events then roughly predicted a year into the future.

The cards act as a counselling tool providing insight.

I can also use psychometry, palmistry and crystal ball readings as well as using Psy Cards and Angel Kabbalah Cards to enhance a reading.

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Palmistry in Doncaster


Cost: £30

Trained with the London Palmistry School in 1996, palmistry can be both scientific and clairvoyant. All sorts of detailed information can be given from a palmistry reading. Palmistry has a very good success rate because lots of it can be so detailed and there are many lines and markings on a palm that are unique to the person you are reading for.

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Crystal Ball Readings in Doncaster

Crystal Ball Readings

Cost: £30

This ancient art uses the subconscious and inner mind to read for a client using a crystal ball. Some images felt can be symbolic, others may tell me a bit about the client’s personality, future or a direct question they may have. Information is unique for each client and can be extremely accurate.

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Psychometry practitioner in Doncaster


Cost: £30

Psychometry is vibrational energy reading from objects and jewellery. Psychic information for clients can be gained through their own or other people’s objects or jewellery and makes an energy connection to the person you are reading for.

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