I came to see Alicia for Tarot Reading and I was a little apprehensive. However, as soon as I met Alicia I was put at ease, she gave me a lovely warm welcome. The hour after just flew by! The information Alicia gave me from my cards was so unbelievably accurate. There were things in there from my past that I had actually forgotten about and it took me a while after my reading to divulge everything. It was a good job that Alicia wrote things down for me for reference as there was so much in my reading to take in all in one go! I cannot express enough how good this lady is. I have already recommended her to my friends and will continue to do so. I will certainly be returning for another reading next year, and possibly look at Reiki as well soon.

Had a full tarot reading/reiki from Alicia and was astonished by how accurate and perceptive she was. After an hour’s reading I came away feeling ‘lighter’ and more calm. I got lots of answers to many issues which have had underlying effects on my life for a long time and now have now a much stronger sense of self-worth. In my opinion, it was worth every penny of the reasonable £25 fee. You’d pay much more than this for any other type of professional service, and most likely wouldn’t leave anywhere else, feeling so enabled and reassured.

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to try reiki or not, but really wanted to try past life regression, so after a chat with Alicia she suggested I try a combination. The reiki was very relaxing, giving me a feeling of deep calm and wellbeing, better than a good night’s sleep! The past life regression was fascinating! I was surprised how all the personality traits and skills I have now are things I have learned in past lives. I will certainly try this again and now I know what to expect I think I will get more out of it.



I have been to Alicia’s yoga class now for about 18 months. I find the class very enjoyable. Alicia occasionally uses equipment (blocks, steps, etc). She also brought in some crystals for us to use at the end of the class during relaxation which I found extremely good. I always leave the class feeling much more supple and relaxed and always enjoy a good night’s sleep after I have been to the class.

I started going to yoga classes with Alicia over a year ago in the hope of improving strength in my knee after an injury. After a couple of months I was up to joining the gym. Each class though following a regular structure is different. However I am feeling when entering the class I am always glad I have made the effort to attend as I leave feeling better and more relaxed. Some weeks I am challenged others I get to do my favourite poses. But whatever the class brings I am never bored or disappointed. I appreciate that Alicia does not just confine herself to the physical poses of yoga but put them in their wider context. The breathing and relaxation sections of the class have had a positive impact on stress management in my life. I would heartedly recommend her classes for beginners of more advanced students and do invite friends and other members of the gym to give her classes at least one go.

The yoga class on Tuesday morning at Xercise4less is a very friendly class with a good atmosphere. Alicia the yoga teacher covers a wide range of exercise all good for the mind and body. For me there are so many benefits of going to a class like this. I look forward to going each week.

After a motorbike accident in 2002 I was unable to exercise for some time; having been very fit and active previously, this was very frustrating. I tried to get back into gym training but found it too aggressive for my back. My physiotherapist suggested I try yoga as an alternative. I was a bit anti-yoga as I thought it was just like ‘movement to music’ we used to do in infant school, but went along anyway. To my surprise, not only did I enjoy my first class, but I felt I had had a really effective workout. Alicia makes the class feel very relaxed and very enjoyable. Taking into account any health problems, the class is tailored to our needs. We are never pushed past our limits - rather coached to our potential. Healthwise, yoga is the best thing I’ve done in years. Thanks Alicia!!

I’ve been with the class for 2 years and find it very relaxing. Alicia is understanding if you have any health problems and adjusts exercises accordingly.

I have done yoga for 30 years. Alicia is an excellent teacher. Being in my 70’s it keeps me fit and supple.



Reiki Attunement - Usui Reiki 1
"Had a fantastic time studying with Alicia O'Sullivan for Usui Reiki 1. Alicia really takes time to share her personal experience of Reiki practice and gives plenty of time for practice and discussion. Huge thanks to her and looking forward to rejoining her to study again soon.". Nikki